Instructions and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions to be found on this page!

Do you want to make the ppt appear like the example, or be available for download?
I'll try to provide basic instructions for embed (appear!) first:
1. Go to the page on the wiki where you want to embed.
2. Click 'Edit this page' tab.
3. Put your cursor where you want the ppt to appear.
4. Click the widget button (little TV)
5. Click 'Document', then click 'Scribd', then click
6. Scribd should appear in a new window/tab. Join up and click button that says upload. Once uploaded, look for something that says embed code. Highlight the complete code (might be quite long) and press Ctrl+C.
7. Return to wikispace, then put cursor in box just above where it says preview/save. Press Ctrl+V.
8. Click 'Save'. You should have a grey box with the word 'Media' in it.
9. Click 'Save' on the Editor panel at the top of your window - then it should appear. If it doesn't, then it's likely you haven't copied the embed code correctly